Vocational Training

Vocational Training (V.T) is a formal education that enhances the ability to develop cognitive, motor, practical, social, organizational and safety skills in a manageable way according to the capabilities of a candidate so that he or she may become fruitful individual of the society.


Most of students with special needs are highly willing for jobs. They are usually devoted and dutiful employees of the organizations for the cause of generating income for themselves and being able to live independently with a sense of pride and belonging. V.T will help in reducing unemployment rate of special persons and encourage them to do more work and become motivation for other special persons. Lack of confidence of common people towards exceptional ones will also shrink this way. The trust of parents towards their kids, dutiful guidance of teachers and acceptance of community in grooming special people makes easier and healthier society for them.

QRSCS vocational department helps them to explore hidden art/qualities from them so they can work and survive in the society like a common person. It is a sort of chain among student, trainer, parents and community where the trainer gives them courage and support in their daily needs integrating them into open employment. We believe in special people need special treatment in every sphere of life.


QRSCS Vocational department has 5 sections

  1. Art & Craft.
  2. Fine Art.
  3. Cutting & Sewing.
  4. Embroidery.
  5. Cooking.

Number of skills and awareness has been developed in exceptional students by imparting of 

  1. Rug making.
  2. Hand weaving.
  3. Making file covers.
  4. Fabric painting.
  5. Block printing.
  6. Silk printing.
  7. Mud work.
  8. Pot painting.
  9. Pot decoration.
  10. Felt work.
  11. Dress stitching.
  12. House keeping.
  13. Envelop making.
  14. Sketching. 
  15. Candle making.
  16. Gardening and other misc skills as per talent of student.