Role of coach

Every student has the potential to display and become a good sports person. They need support and guidance. Coaches play a very big role in creating an environment where these positive effects can be developed. Effective coaches are aware of their own coaching philosophy and style but can also adapt according to the needs of a child.

Influence of a coach

Whilst many of the problems faced by a player, such as, injury, loss of confidence and poor sporting behviour, some are in the control of a player and some are not the coach can have a significant influence on the player to uplift  his/her morale and keep it going.

Skills of a coach

An effective coach has to undertake a number of roles, most of which are interlinked. A coach is not only a teacher or just a trainer but has to have the skill to advice, motivate, support, instruct and mentor a player. In this way, a teacher has the skill to transform a student into a superb sportsman.

Personality of a coach

Discipline and time management are the skills that describes a coach best sports is all about discipline in mind and body. A coach always requires good communication skills to build rapport with a student.

Responsibilities of a coach

Coaches has significant responsibility and always have to respect the participants as they have to build an understanding with a player. The have to coach responsibly. They have to respect the sport. The center of all these points is safety and grooming of a player.

Style of  a Coach

There are many different styles of coaching.

Two main styles are

  1. Autocratic
    • Coach know what needs to be done.
    • How to be done.
  2. Democratic
    • Coach allows player to take decisions.
    • It helps to develop self-reliance.

Three Styles Competitions for Special Child

  • Skills all Games
  • Individual
  • Team Event

Note: First step is selection, assessment and best timing of the child after then coach will select the child for skills or individual or team event participation.

Game categories for young athletes

Individual Games Team Events
1.       Badminton 1.       Basket Ball
2.       Table Tennis 2.       Football
3.       Bocce 3.       Bocce
4.       Cycling 4.       Cricket
5.       Athletic 5.       Swimming
6.       Power Lifting 6.       Athletic Relay
7.       Swimming
8.       Young athletes program for 1 to 7                    years children


Outdoor Games Indoor Games
9.       Football 10.   Badminton
11.   Basket Ball 12.   Table Tennis
13.   Bocce 14.   Swimming
15.   Cycling 16.   Power Lifting
17.   Athletic
18.   Cricket


International Events

  1. Special Olympics Asia Pacific Regional Football Qualifier of the Unified Cup organized by Special Olympics Pakistan in Bangkok on 21st June, 2013, Rank 6 Plus.
  2. QRSCS won 1 gold, 2 silver and 2 bronze medal in Special Olympics held at Los Angles in 21 Jul, 2015.
  3. Won 3 silver medals in Bocce in Asia Pacific Games by Special Olympics in Brunei on 3rd Dec, 2015.
  4. QRSCS coach attended BWF(Badminton World Federation) badminton coaching course by Asia Pacific held in  Singapore on 6th March 2016.



National Events

  1. Unified Football by Special Olympics in Peshawar on 29th Nov, 2015.
  2. Special Olympics National Games organized by Special Olympics Pakistan on 17th Oct, 2014, Won 6 Gold, 2 Silver and 6 Bronze Medals.





Game Events Organized By Quaid-E-Azam Rangers Special Children School

  1. Annual Sports Week, Held in 21st Jan, 2013, Won 2 Gold, 4 Silver and 3 Bronze Medals in Athletics.
  2. One Day Friendly T-Twenty Blind Cricket Match b/w Quaid-E-Azam Ranger Special Children School (QRSCS) Vs Karachi Cricket Club Association (KCCA) organized by QRSCS on 25th Feb, 2014,  Position “Runner up???.
  3. Sports Gala on 23rd Feb, 2016, Won 2 Trophies.


Students of our school have won many honors for their country, institute and families. Some such bright stars of Quaid-E-Azam Rangers Special Children School are following: