Speech Therapy

Speech and language therapy is often multifaceted, involving language stimulation as well as the production of speech.

Goals and Objectives

  • The therapist works with special children’s / adults to make their communication skills useful and effective.
  • Therapy objectives very according to the individual child’s need and abilities.
  • At Quaid-E-Azam Rangers Special Children School we provide speech sessions to different categories like mentally challenge children’s, cerebral palsy, hearing impaired, language delays, autistic children.
  • Speech therapy is very effective and useful at early age (2 yrs.). The movement for speech production is highly complex requiring accurate and precise timing of the jaw lips tongue.

Most speech therapy plans focus on improving some combination of the following skills areas:

  • Receptive language.
  • Expressive language.
  • Articulation.
  • Oral motor exercise.
  • Breathing exercise.
  • Voice quality.
  • Fluency.


Here we use different test batteries and up to date techniques for our children.