School Psychologist

School Psychology is a field that applies principals of educational psychology, developmental, community psychology and applied behavior analysis to meet children’s and adolescents’ behavioral health and learning needs in a collaborative manner with educators and parents.

School psychologist are professional trained to work with preschoolers, children, adolescents, and their teachers and families. They work with all school personnel to help and make education for students a positive and rewarding experience.

School psychologist can be involved in a variety of tasks, including consultation, education, research, assessment and interventions.



  • Collaborate with teachers, parents and the school personnel about learning, social and behavior


  • To help others to understand better child behaviour and build relationship.
  • Strengthen working relationships between educators, parents and community.
  • Provide educational programs on classroom management strategies, parenting skills, working with

students with disabilities.

  • School psychologist uses a wide variety of techniques to evaluate academic skills, learning aptitudes,

social skills, emotional development and behavior functioning.