Pre Vocational Training

Pre-vocational training is mainly designed to introduce participants to the world of work and to prepare them for entry into further vocational  programmes. The proposal of pre-vocational training to be given to children with special needs is aimed at developing skills in these children and integrating them within society by means of employment and to make them economically independent thats why skilled base pre-vocational training has been imparted in school for children with special needs. Pre-vocational courses will help the students identify their interests at an early stage and be able to pursue them further when they get out of the school. 


  • Development of individual abilities and skill of children with special needs in order to learn knowledge, skills & habits necessary for their further vocational             training.
  • To be able to form appropriates attitudes & good relationship with themselves & others with the environment they live in.
  • To facilitate the students in making choice of vocational courses at the secondary level.