Physiotherapy Department


Pediatric physiotherapy plays a very important role in special children school to build their image and self- steam in society.

In RSCS since 2011 to present there is glance improvement in physiotherapy department.  Over all 80% pupil with different disabilities like, CP, down “syndrome, autistic, spina bifida, hydrocephalic, micro cephalic, muscular dystrophies, and visual impaired are taking regular physiotherapy according to their set time table and treatment goals. Some pupils with learning difficulties will have personal priority needs which are central to their learning and quality of life. Some pupils will have therapeutic needs or require special supports (orthotic) care. The range of therapeutic needs and orthotic support is wide. Provision for these needs is a legitimate and essential element of the curriculum and should be planned. This provision enhances individual pupils’ readiness to learn in many ways, for example by:

  • Positioning pupils so that they learn effectively.
  • Helping pupils to maintain good posture, appropriate muscle tone and ease of movement.
  • Encouraging the development and refinement or maintenance of skills in independent mobility.
  • Promoting relaxation and support to help pupils manage stress and anxiety
  • Providing palliative treatments for painful or degenerative conditions to ensure pupils’ health and


  • Promoting pupils’ autonomy and independence through the use of specialist aids and equipment.


Physiotherapy department is fully equipped according to special children needs and services.

  • Early intervention counselling.
  • Stretching exercises mates.
  • Strengthening exercises by equipment.
  • Balance & co-ordination boards and beams.
  • Wall mirror and parallel bars to correct gait and posture.
  • Proper instructions to improve health and nutrition.
  • Weight reduction strategies.
  • Surgical and orthotic advices.
  • Gym /Aerobic facilities
  • Parents training and guidance.

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