Intellectually Disabled Section

We  have 3 main sections in I.D department.

Primary Unit

The Primary Unit caters to children between the ages of three and eight placed in various classes.

This Unit focuses on:

  • Pre-academic concepts.
  • Social and communication skills.
  • Adaptive skills training including toileting and eating skills


Junior Unit 

The Junior Unit consists of children between the ages of nine and fourteen placed in different classes.

In order to enable the children to function in a social environment and for that purpose a strong emphasis is placed on:

  • Learn to communicate.
  • Development of conceptual and academic skills.
  • Promoting play and social skills.


Adult Unit

The focus of this Units is on:

  • Maintenance of acquired academic, communication and adaptive skills.
  • Developing functional skills in areas of House craft, Self-Awareness, Community orientation and Personal welfare.