Eligibility Criteria & Facilities For Visual Impairment

Aim & Objective

  • Work ¬†with academics to build on their existing strengths to improve outcomes for V.I students.
  • We prepare our students for life after school by giving them independent living and mobility skills.

Eligibility Criteria

Each child is unique and learn in different ways. At QRSCS we offer innovative solutions and take a personalized approach to support families raising children who are blind or have low vision. We are working in collaboration with parents. Our professionally trained staff to develop tailored strategies that assist your child to reach their goals and aspirations. Students ages 3 through schooling age(15 years), who are blind, low vision or visually impaired are eligible for admission in QRSCS.


QRCSC provide a range of specialist care, support and learning for blind and partially sighted children. We have following facilities for V.I students.

  • Specialist educational expertise.
  • Braille and other modes to access the general curriculum.
  • Orientation & mobility training.
  • Brailler Embosser available for printing.
  • Accessible building for V.I students.
  • Health and Safety management.
  • Well equipped class room.
  • Career Planning.
  • Sports Training.
  • Music Training.
  • Islamic¬†Education that includes Nazra & Hifz.